Friday, July 31, 2015

Enter to Win a Free Copy of Late Summer, Early Spring

Well, so much for keeping up with the blog! In apology, here is a photo of my cat:

Late Summer, Early Spring was duly released on July 14th, and I've been pleased with the reception so far. 3 five-star reviews on Goodreads, and when I did a giveaway on a couple copies of the paperback there were over 300 people requesting a copy. My oldest son turns 6 tomorrow, so in honor of his birthday I'll be starting a new giveaway tomorrow on a copy of the e-book. Check out my Goodreads page tomorrow to enter!

As a reminder, you can also purchase it here:

Aaaaaand here:

I am working on a short story that's a bit of a follow-up to the book; I plan to see if DSPP wants to release it as one of their 'Free Fiction' features; if not, I will probably just post it here. It will make my dog-loving readers happy, I hope.

I'll be posting again soon. I mean it this time!Late Summer, Early