Friday, March 9, 2012

Upcoming Appearances!

I'll be these places in the next few months. Come find me if you want to hook up (not like that, I'm married)!

Millennicon: We went to this modest literary SF convention in Cincinnati, OH last year and it was SO RAD. I did this little even review on my other blog, Yellow Menace, complete with pictures of the awesome Jayne hat my friend made for my son and I borrowed (What? It's too big for him right now). I didn't know what to expect from a literary SF con since I was used to massive gatherings like Dragon*con, but it was great. I learned a lot about the publishing business (the panels I attended and people I met there actually tipped my scales in favor of small presses) and all the other people there like to, you know, read, so we could actually find people who knew what New Wave SF was and wanted to talk about Zelazny. Millennicon 26 is a bargain at $40 for the whole weekend. It's March 16th-18th, and this years GOH is Tobias Buckell, who I have not read but plan to sometime between now and then. He's also fucking adorable, which I can say even though we are the same age because I am a mommy. If you live anywhere in the Cincinnati area I better see your ass at Millennicon or there will be hell to pay, you got it?!

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