Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catching Up

Been busy with a big project lately and also sick (spring colds suck) so I haven't had much to say. I still don't really, but here are a couple updates:

* Earthbound Fiction's anthology Dark Stars, featuring my one and only SF story, "Christmas Eve in New London", should be out in July.

* Just had a story accepted to Fantastic Horror. It will be available in the Lovecraft-themed issue, which is still several months away.

* I just joined up with Broad Universe, a neat organization promoting female specfic authors. There are some impressive names in the list of members, so that's cool. I'll post here about BU events I might be attending.

Also, here is a funny Foxtrot cartoon about the premiere of the second season of A Game of Thrones: MLP GoT

I will never watch the new My Little Pony series even though a lot of adults seem to like it; I grew up on the original and the new character designs looks weirdly anorexic. And ponies should not have the same eye-to-head ratio as a giant squid. Creepy.

And last of all, here is a wonderful article about Elmore Leonard and his son. Leonard is a real American treasure and every writer, no matter their preferred genre, can learn something from him if they listen. It's an entertaining and insightful piece, definitely worth a few minutes of your time: Grit and Wry: A Dinner with Elmore and Peter Leonard

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