Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LIterary Stylin'

The world needs more literary shirts. These are mine (actually, I also have a t-shirt promoting Christoper Moore's book A Dirty Job, featuring a bonneted skeleton in a baby carriage, but after breastfeeding for 10 months 2 years ago it no longer fits. I am sad I can't wear it to outings at the zoo anymore, but at least I could give you guys your TMI moment of the day).

From the top: my favorite Threadless shirt ever, Prose Before Hos. Actually this short doesn't fit anymore either, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it. Next is my Teefury shirt 'Poe Boy's' (I wonder if there is a really a place in Baltimore called that; it seems so obvious). Then my shirt from Sundog Books, a little teensy book shop in a little tourist town in Florida; I honestly bought it for the neat logo -  and I take this opportunity to recommend Jack London's short story "The Sundog Trail" to anyone who has working eyes and is literate. Next is my glow-in-in-the-dark Cthluhu shirt, another Teefury purchase. I actually bought this as a surprise for my husband, but accidentally bought the 'girly' medium instead of the 'guy's' medium. So he was surprised when he tried to put it on, at least...last but not least is my brand-new Game of Thrones shirt, which I suppose is actually a TV show short and not a literary one because I bought it from the HBO shop (fast shipping, those guys). It's a tad big but I don't even care, because I want to shout out my Clegane love all over the place. Also, those dogs look way more fucked-up than they do in the picture (they have these protruding fangs like the monsters in Alien).

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