Monday, June 18, 2012

Gen Con 2012 and Fandomfest

The main reason I have this blog is that when I attended the writers' track at Gen Con last year, all I heard was "Social media self promotion blah blah blah." So here I am.

Last year was my first year at Gen Con (went to Dragon*con before, but man was that getting too crowded for my tastes). I adored it. I game very, very casually but there are so many other panels and subjects (plus the above-mentioned awesome writers' track) that I am kept continually busy anyway.

I also post on an Asian pop culture blog called Yellow Menace, and am part of the YM podcast team. They also do a gamecast minus myself. And the really cool thing is, the YM gamecast hosts have been selected to produce some of the This Just In...From Gen Con!

This is a huge deal. This Just required listening for all Gen Con attendees so they know what is happening and what is going to be happening, and for all the poor people who couldn't make it so they can vicariously live some of the thrill of Gen Con. It's a big honer for my friends to be selected as hosts, and I know they are going to work their asses off to make it awesome. They need some new equipment to pull it off right though, so if you want to throw a couple bucks their way they have a website where you can do so (and I hear the guys will do a striptease if you give them enough):

As for me, I have my own stuff going on. But I'll be dressed as Athena (complete with-fake, sadly-owl) on Friday and old-school Mary Marvel on Saturday, so I should be easy to spot unless we're in a crowd because I am only 5"5.

In addition, the husband and myself will be attending Fandomfest in Louisville, KY the last week in June. It started out a couple years back as a horror film festival but has developed into a full-fledged con, complete with awesome writing guests like John Scalzi and Robin Hobb (although I bear a grudge against her for the shitty last book in the Assassins' Trilogy...sorry Robin, you really dropped the ball on an otherwise enchanting series). Some guy named Bruce Campbell is also going to be there, so whatever. We'll be there only Saturday, though. If you want to meet up or something give me a holla (I am so with the modern slang).

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