Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Hour of the Lotus" E-Book Now Available!

My new novella, "Hour of the Lotus", is out from Dreamspinner Press as of today!

You can purchase it on Amazon for $3.99 or directly from the publisher's website at a slight discount.

Here's the blurb:

"General Sho Iwata is devastated when the man he secretly loves, Prince Narita, is struck with a mysterious illness. To make matters worse, the servants assigned to sit up with the prince at night have been falling asleep, leaving him unattended.

Iwata's current lover, Hiroshi, is well aware of the general's unrequited passion. But that isn’t his biggest problem. His sister is Narita’s favorite consort, but Hiroshi believes she has been replaced by an imposter. When he convinces Iwata to investigate, they discover the true cause of the prince’s illness. Iwata will fight to save the man he loves, and Hiroshi will fight for his sister, but if they want to save the prince and find justice, they first have to battle an ancient spirit and survive."

I've had an excellent experience working with Dreamspinner Press  (in case you want to know!). They're organized, quick to respond and willing to help an author out with any questions they might have.

Now, if you do read "Hour of the Lotus", please please please leave a review on Amazon or the Dreamspinner Press website.  Don't pat me on the head and tell me it's good; I have a mother to do that for me. Leave an HONEST review. It's all I ask.

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