Sunday, September 18, 2011

Good Night, Sweet Prints

It was with shock and sadness that I read a notice in my e-mail today. The Absent Willow Review is going down. Not only were they one of the best, most entertaining SpecFic e-zines on the Net, they also published me once.

TAWR was a great market to work with. They responded promptly, had a relatively short lead time and made your work look good. They were also flexible; I once submitted a story to a contest, and they contacted me because my submission had not gone through, then allowed me to submit in an alternative manner. Very cool of them.

They were also open-minded; while they didn't shy away from conventions like zombies and vampires, they also published some really unique, crazy stuff.

According to the notice, the website will remain up until December 1st, so you can still check out some of the awesome stories showcased there. There is also an anthology (that my piece is in!) available on Amazon.

The site:

The Anthology:

My story:

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