Sunday, November 6, 2011

This is Me.

Being a famous writer is probably the best kind of being famous. You can go to signings and conventions and what-have-you, and see all your fans and bask in their adoration. But you can also go to Frisch's Big Boy and have lunch without being interrupted, because no one really knows what you look like, unless you have super-distinctive features like Stephen King or you are already famous for acting/music/reality TV.

Anyway, this is what I look like (I'm on the right!). The Japanese man is Yasuhiro Koshi, a military consultant on numerous Japanese movies and also an actor and producer of the sort of crazy B-movies I love.

Yes, I am throwing up the horns. I like metal. I saw Opeth in concert once. Rock on.

So now you know what I look like so if you meet me at a signing or a convention someday, you won't be surprised. But if you see me chowing down at Frisch's Big Boy, just walk away, man.

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