Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Boy Named Charlie Brown

My toddler has been on a Charlie Brown kick lately. I am pretty sure that over the past month I have seen every Peanuts special made between 1960-1990. And here's the awful thing:

I no longer enjoy these shows. Not because I am a jaded adult, but because I just end up feeling awful for poor Charlie Brown at the end of every single one.

Here's this poor kid who has some kind of genetic disorder which prevents him from growing hair (possibly the same one from which Calliou suffers), and everyone hates him. He has one friend, who is the constant target of bullies and is hopelessly immature. He is bullied by his friend's older sister, never gets a single Valentine in the mail or at school, has a rotten Christmas, gets rocks from total strangers at Halloween, and his fucking dog can't even remember his name. His parents seem helpless to do anything about his terrible life, and his teachers are no better.

And all he wants is for the little red-haired girl to notice him.

I'm so depressed right now, thinking about poor Charlie Brown. Time to go stuff my face with cupcakes until I feel better.


  1. Ana,

    If you think the T.V. specials are harsh, we've been reading our toddler early Peanuts strips. My husband did a strip about it:

  2. Holy cow! And I thought it was bad when my boy started saying "I can't stand it", "I'll kill myself" and "I hate _______". Who would have thought they'd learn undesirable things from Peanuts of all things?