Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Inheritance" is Live!

Got a new story up on the very awesome Lovecraft e-zine! Lovecraftian fiction is hard to write (I know; I did three stories before "Inheritance", and it's the first one I thought was halfway decent. But somehow editor Mike Davis attracts amazing writers who can really write some mythos-tic stuff; I'm halfway through Issue 11 and am sad I have to go to bed and finish it tomorrow!

"Inheritance", like a lot of my stories, started out as one thing and became something else. It was intended to be straight-up horror with mythos elements; by the final type-up it was a noir-ish romantic tragedy with mythos elements and (I think) some pretty deep characters.

At any rate, it's free to read or listen to (!), unless you want it for your Kindle/Nook/iPhone/whatever, then it's a whopping 99 cents- well worth every one of those 99 pennies, I might add. And if you read my story, leave a comment please, no matter what you thought of it. I can take it!

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