Sunday, July 22, 2012


I don't usually get too into memes (like everyone else on the planet I loved LOLcats until they kind of took over the Internet, now I am sort of 'meh'). But for some reason "Ermahgerd" cracks me up (if you haven't seen it, type 'ermahgerd' into Google- the meme just has pictures, with the caption "Ermahgerd >something<" but written like the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show talks).

So I made a couple of my own.

I love cyptozoology. And like most crytozoology buffs I have a special soft spot for the thylacine, probably because its extinction (supposed extinction!) wasn't due to climate change or destruction of its habitat, but was caused by pure, simple human selfishness.



And another, showing my devotion to the Highlander universe (well, I actually like the series better but it is surprisingly difficult to find a picture of Adrian Paul making a funny face).

So now you know the truth about why I am such a slow writer- it's not due to my having to write longhand, or my busy's because I can't stop looking at and contributing to stupid Internet memes.

I hate myself.

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