Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, Love Richard III

A few days ago I started working on a long Valentine's Day post about great love stories in literature. I was only a couple entries in when I was struck down by something like the respiratory plague mixed with mono, so I've been either sleeping or coughing up gross stuff since about Tuesday (while my kid- I'm a stay-at-home mom- watches far too much TV).

I'll get that post out eventually, but I didn't want today to pass unmentioned. So here's a shameless self-promotion post.

If you waited too long to get your sweetheart some flowers or a box of candy or whatever people get on Valentine's Day (we don't exchange gifts), why not buy them some fine e-books? For instance, here is my list on Amazon. (and no, I am not actually in Into Thin Air with Ellen Burstyn, I have no clue why that comes up when you put my name in). They're cheap and even if you don't like me, most of them are anthologies so there's other writers in them too. Plus, they're romantic! Um, Buster is romantic. Well, it has kissing. A kiss. But it's a really hot kiss.

And there's sex in my story from the Lovecraft ezine issue 11. And I just gave you a link to read it for free too. See what I did there?

I leave you with a trailer for the movie the husband and I will be watching tonight. It's kind of a tradition- last year was Zombie Strippers and the year before was The Midnight Meat Train. 


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