Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Help The Lovecraft eZine WITH NO EFFORT!

So, I know you guys buy stuff. And I know you probably buy stuff on Amazon.

Here's a way you can help save one of my favorite e-zines, created by one of my favorite editors, without spending a dime more than you intended.

I love Lovecraft, and I love Mythos fiction, so I double-love The Lovecraft eZine (never mind that they published one of my stories a while back...). And Mike Davis is a stellar editor: discerning, quick to communicate AND he pays on time. But now The Lovecraft eZine is in trouble. And you can help me and all the other readers/writers save it.

Its simple. When you go to Amazon, don't just type in amazon.com. Go through this link. When you do, The Lovecraft eZine gets a referral fee. SUPER-EASY! This portal pulls up a Lovecraftian fiction page, but you can search for whatever you want.

So take a minute to bookmark that Amazon portal link and help us save this zine! I thank you, other Mythos fans thank you, and The Bloody Tongue will thank you if he remembers between chaos-causing sessions.

(and if you're One of Us, you can purchase megapacks of the zine's 2011/2012 archived fiction- including my 2012 story "Inheritance").

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