Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Terrible Fanfic Writers Have All the Luck (And I Don't Mean E.L. James For Once)

Good Heavens. So many of us strive every day to do the very best writing we can, and no one ever calls with plans to turn our work in a web series (I have several pieces available, Mysterious Web Series Makers. If you're interested). But write the worst fanfiction ever, and someone out there will jump at the chance to spread the lulz.

I am 99% sure the notorious Harry Potter fanfiction 'My Immortal', with its egregious abuse of the English language, constant side notes by the author, and lack of knowledge about basic human sexuality, is really the most hilarious and brilliant joke ever played on the Internet. I suppose it's about time this travesty got its own web series. I mean, how can you lose when 3/4 of the characters in the books find out they are really vampires? And dress exclusively in clothes purchased at Hot Topic? Which, as we all know, is the single most Goth place on Earth.

Side Note: Back at my old bookstore, there was this Goth couple that sometimes came in. The man had a beard and long hair and they both wore long black coats, but the woman won because she had a crown of thorns tattooed around her forehead. I know it was a tattoo because it looked the same every time I saw her. They were really nice customers.

Anyway, if you'd like to see some clips from this fantastically funny little series, check it out here!

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