Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween is Coming in 3...2...1...

 I've been listening to a recording of Coast to Coast AM this morning (I started listening to it when #2 Son was newborn and up all night; once he started sleeping I was so disappointed to miss it that I joined the website so I can hear the podcasts!) and heard a great story. An 80-something-year-old woman called in with a Halloween memory: as a child, she and her family moved to a military base in Hawaii just before Halloween. There weren't many children on the base, so the adults hadn't really stocked up on candy. When she and friends went trick-or-treating, the adults just gave them money! When she got home her mother asked to inspect the candy (this was before the razor blades-and-needles panic- the woman said her mother was just looking so she could take the best pieces. Parents be trolling even in the '40's..) and was surprised to see all the money. One neighbor, who had given the girl two whole quarters because she was so cute, died two months later when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

Stories everywhere, my friends. Stories everywhere.

Let's see...I have a short story coming up on October 23rd, totally free flash fiction on the blog of a DSPP colleagu, Lex Chase. So that's exciting! I will link it on the day. I was given a prompt but I'm afraid my mind...wandered...a bit and I somehow ended up with demonic luchadores. 

I am typing up a short story prequel-thing to Late Summer, Early Spring. I will probably post it here for fun. I am also working on some sequel shorts as well- maybe Hiroshi and Iwata become traveling supernatural detectives? Can I get a contract from an anime studio now please? (Kidding! Maybe)

And don't forget I'm on Twitter now! Let's hook up so you can see how hilarious I am.



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