Thursday, October 1, 2015

OCTOBER! Finally!

I got a Twitter!


My husband suggested I do it. I've never really seen the point of Twitter (maybe as a time sink) but it turns out it's pretty fun. I already have 6 followers!

What else...I saw this in the Halloween aisle of Party City. I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

My short story "Bansidhe" (a title that tells you exactly what to expect, eh?) is slated to be published in the Winter Shivers anthology from Inkstained Succubus (love that press name!). It should be out in December. I'm super-excited; I love a good ghost story. "Bansidhe" is my attempt at a Victorian Christmas Eve ghostly tale, a tradition I love and wish would become popular again. Maybe I'll try to put it in place in my own house when the kids are older.

Over on Goodreads, my novella collection Late Summer, Early Spring has 13 ratings and 7 text reviews and is holding steady at a 4.00 average rating. James Clavell mentioned gay samurai in Shogun, so I just took that idea and ran with it. And added an evil fox spirit, because why the hell not!

Also coming up, I have a short short story in the works for Free Flash Friday over on Lex Chase's (very pretty, very professional) blog. My day is October 23rd, so I'll throw it up here once it's out. It involves luchadores ...eeeevil ones because hey, it's October!

So that's what's going on over here. It's October, so what's your favorite scary book? I need some recommendations to keep me up nights (although my teething baby has proven to be good at that too...).

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