Monday, August 22, 2011

Business Cards Are Hard

So a writer needs business cards, right? That's what I hear, at least. To promote my stuff and this blog and all, I need to have little rectangles of paper to give people with my info so they can stalk me in really creepy ways (my cat can be really annoying, so some days I actually wouldn't mind finding her in a pot on the stove...kidding. I like my cat. Sometimes).

I found some designs I like, but my husband vetoed them all. He said no one would take me seriously if I had a business card like this:

(what? Unicorns are badass)

Or this:

I admit the eyes on that deer kind of make me want to puke.

Or this:

Come on, she's hot until you get to the face part.

I had no idea choosing a business card would be this difficult. I hope I can figure it out before the convention I wanted to hand them out at (in March 2012).


  1. hmmm... all the links are to blank images?
    working on ideas for business cards for myself as well. Maybe go with something abstract? idk.

  2. Oh, lame! I posted that in a hurry and didn't have time to check the links. I'll see if I can fix them.