Friday, August 12, 2011


So I'm a writer. It's what I do. I do other stuff too, like have a job and a family and other things. But that doesn't matter here, because this is a writer's blog.

I'm not really into the whole self-promotion thing. I would rather just write and have everyone leave me alone. It doesn't matter if no one ever reads what I write; I'm still going to write.

But since it would be nice if people sent me money for the things I write, I'm giving this self-promotion thing a shot.

What do I write? Short stories, novels, the occasional essay; but mostly fiction. SpecFic, Horror, SF, Fantasy, sometimes Humor. I'll be putting up links to my work that is still archived online, as well as news about new publications. I might even post some older work so you can see how much I used to suck and compare it to how utterly awesome I am now. And if I feel like saying anything about the writer's life, I'll say it here. And if I find any weird news stories that I like, hell, I'll throw those up here too.

Welcome to my brain.

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