Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Remember, Remember the Sixth of November

I have two short stories in Pill Hill Press' upcoming Daily Flash 2012 anthology (should be available sometime in November). It's a cool concept: one 500-words-or-less story for every day of the year, 366 for 2012 since it's a leap year. That way no one can weasel out of reading by saying they don't have time; you can read 500 words in roughly two minutes. I'm going to get a copy and put it on the back of the toilet for guests to read while they pee.

One of my stories, a weird piece of alternate history, will be the story for November 6th. I am not yet sure what date the other story has. Too bad I didn't get the 5th (Remember, remember...) but here are some famous things that happened on November 6th:

1985: The American press blows open the Iran-Contra scandal
1861: Jefferson Davis is elected the president of The Confederate States of America
1943: The Soviet army recaptures Kiev

OK, November 6th isn't all that interesting. But it is the birthday of John Phillip Sousa and Yip Man! And now it is the date on which people will read my work!

In closing here is a great quote from Phillip Pullman, who some people think is Satan Incarnate (from the comments I heard at the bookstore after his trilogy was published). He's my new hero though. He hates stupidity as much as I do. Sadly, sometimes it seems to me that stupidity is getting the upper hand in this struggle.

"The book is second only to the wheel as the best piece of technology human beings have ever invented. A book symbolises the whole intellectual history of mankind; it's the greatest weapon ever devised in the war against stupidity."

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